Your guide on how to prepare your business so you can feel confident and secure to work with virtual team members.



Your guide on how to prepare your business so you can feel confident and secure to work with virtual team members.



1. Free Initial Consultation

The best way to see if we'll work well together, is to book your Free Initial Consultation.

We'll chat about what stage your business is at, if BMS is the right fit for you, and what the best path forward is if we are.

If we are, let's get started making magic!


2. Online Business Audit

When you feel Busy Made Simple is the right fit for you and your business, the best way to plan ahead is with an Online Business Audit.

In this audit, Kirsten will take a deep dive into your business to discuss the 7 essential pillars of Online Business presenting you with a tailored playbook for the next 12 months.


3. Meet Your Dream Team

After your personalised plan has been made, you will meet with your team of doers, big thinkers, planners, and cheerleaders you didn't know your business was missing. 

Whether you're in need of a VA, an OBM, an OBC or a full team, this meeting will be the first of many that will change your life for the better.



Operations Optimisation

Your whole business is built around your clients.

That’s why everything I do as your OBC, is about streamlining and improving your operations for a better human experience that reflects your high-level service.

From mapping your client journeys to optimising with measurable results, your client is always my focus.

I blend personal touch points with native integrations and Zapier. Your high paying clients feel supported by a real person at the other end (hello, OBM) while everything is efficient, integrated and streamlined.

Evergreen Marketing Method

Whether that's in Insta' - or not. Let's make the most of all your marketing avenues, by mapping out how you can get them to all work together.

Working closely with you, I develop your very own marketing method. One that feels right for you and your brand.

Let's develop your Evergreen Marketing Method that aligns with who YOU are. And most importantly, one you feel comfortable implementing so your clients will get to know who you are – not a hyped up, over exaggerated version of you.

So you can magnify your online presence with evergreen and introverted marketing techniques.

System For Systems

Having a system to store your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) is the best way to grow your team.

Our "System for Systems" transforms your business, allowing you to step back from the daily operations while your business continues to meet your high standards.

This system empowers you to shape your empire around your life, leaving you with more time to deliver your incredible service. Through implementing robust business systems, you evolve from an indispensable employee, to the owner of a thriving, self-sufficient business - turning you back into the innovator and service architect you should be.

Kemi Nekvapil

KN Collective

"I needed someone to work with me on all the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of my business regarding online program creation, systems and processes. It can be difficult to find someone who has all the technical skills and a high level of service for their clients.

Kirsten listens and communicates well, has integrity, and holds you accountable when needed. She is a delight to work with and co-create with, and to be honest, I would not have the online business I have without her and her team."

Kate James

Total Balance

"Working with Kirsten has literally changed my business – and my life! I was so snowed under that I couldn’t see the opportunities to grow the business. It turned out (once I had some headspace to think clearly) that were right in front of me.

You’ve given me the chance to focus my attention on the work I do best. Not only is she brilliant at what she does but Kirsten is a great sounding board whenever I’m about to implement any new ideas in the business. She’s professional, prompt and maybe most importantly, she genuinely cares about her clients."

Nisha Gill

Feminine Instincts

"Kirsten and her team offer a friendly and highly tailored service for a wide variety of small business needs.

Apart from their level of professionalism, efficiency, accessible pricing and can-do approach, I feel their genuine interest in and support of my work is a huge boost for me as a solo operator. It gives me a sense that anything is do-able and helps me blast through my own self-imposed upper limits."


Your guide on how to prepare your business to feel confident and secure working with virtual team members.

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