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Build A Business You Love


Want to grow your Virtual Assistant Business?

Kirsten is a successful Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, and qualified Online Business Coach and Consultant. She has built a business she loves, and has worked with over 300 clients to help them grow and scale their business.

Why work with Kirsten?

A personal, honest, and caring coach

I work with you to define your differences and help you stand out. I want you to build a business you love to work in, so you can attract your ideal clients. We will define your big-picture vision, and explore what marketing strategies you can execute that feel in alignment with your values.

Many of my coaching clients are ready to:

  • Transition into a creative and professional Virtual Assistant business
  • Explore options on specialist areas they can zone in on, or "niche"
  • Establish their unique messaging and position in the marketplace
  • Build confidence in the direction they are taking their business, and
  • Create a roadmap on what steps to take next in making their goals happen
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Gain clarity in the direction you want to take and feel confident to take the next steps by:

>>  Developing a vision for your Virtual Assistant business

>>  Creating a plan for achieving your set goals
Identifying your ‚Äėideal client‚Äô

>>  Understanding your strengths in order to build a business around what you are good at

>>¬†¬†Actioning¬†a communication and marketing plan that feels right for you, to target your ‚Äėideal client‚Äô authentically and without sounding ‚Äėsalesy‚Äô

>>  Developing systems to streamline your business processes and make running a business easy

If you’re ready take the next step and gain more clarity around how to build your business...

My clients are driven to succeed by wanting to make a positive difference in the world around them. They are often introverts with a side of perfectionism, and can feel ‚Äústuck‚ÄĚ by these unique qualities to take the next step in building a life and business where they can thrive.

We would work well together if you're:

  >>  A heart-centred, soul-driven person
  >>  Wanting to make a positive difference in this world
¬† >>¬†¬†Feeling pushed towards living your ‚Äúlife‚Äôs purpose‚ÄĚ
  >>  Aiming to live in alignment with your values
  >>  Somewhat of an introvert
  >>  Striving to live and be authentic, creative and caring
  >>  Definition of success is not so much around how much money you earn, but rather the impact you make on the world around you.

Book A Coaching Session

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Sessions are booked as you feel you need them. You can book straight in for your first session and follow it up when you need further support.

From each session, you will walk away with defined goals and specific actions to take next to help you feel organised and keep moving forward.



Your guide on how to prepare your business to feel confident and secure working with virtual team members.

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as the traditional custodians of the ACT and surrounding region, the land where we live and work. We pay respect to elders past, present, and emerging. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal Land.

Diversity fuels innovation. We're dedicated to fostering a culture where everyone's unique race, age, gender, orientation, disability, and experiences are celebrated. In our inclusive environment, all are welcomed and empowered. Your uniqueness is not just accepted, it's the core of our strength and success.