The Top 5 Reasons Your Website Might Be Underperforming

website Aug 18, 2023
The top 5 reasons your website might be underperforming

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So…you’ve spent what felt like a gazillion dollars on a fancy website. You love it. It’s shiny and new and you’re super proud of it.

Good for you!

Your website was a hit, with people finding and contacting you about your services all the time. It worked great and life was good.

They were halcyon days!

But lately, it’s been a little quiet on the old website front.

You know something's up with your site…..but you don’t know what it is, or how to fix it.

Ringing any bells?

Well…..I’d love to offer a little advice if I may, you know…business owner to business owner?

You need an online business audit and you need one now!

Actually, yesterday would’ve been better…but now works too.


Well, every day your website underperforms means lost revenue for you and your business.

Now, I understand that time is of the essence and I’d love to help you get back on track by performing an audit on your website, stat! At Busy Made Simple we will provide you with a comprehensive report ensuring your website will keep attracting visitors, keep user engagement high, and is backed up and secure.

Enhanced websites keep the Google Gods happy and when they’re happy they reward us with gold and jewels and chocolate!

Well not quite.

But they do reward websites that are optimised for performance by sending them to page one on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This can be a game-changer for any business.

Now, believe me when I tell you, there is a lot to this auditing website business.

I mean, it’s pages of comprehensive reporting on every aspect of your website’s functionality.

But rest assured I know my stuff so let me share with you my thoughts on the TOP 5 reasons why your website might be underperforming.



Not just a Top Gun catchphrase, speed is also vital to a successful website. Why? Well, speed matters when it comes to user experience. Making sure your website is set at ideal load times is imperative in well…..not pissing your customers off! According to the Google Gods, more than half of website visitors will leave if a website doesn’t load within 3 secondsWhat’s more, even a one second interruption in speed time can result in a 16% reduction in customer satisfaction and a 7% loss in conversions with almost 80% of users not returning to a website that’s slow to load. Yikes, right? But wait there’s more! Google takes your websites speed time into consideration when it comes to ranking. A slow site may mean your shiny new page finds itself ranked low and with 75% of users not getting past the first SERP this could mean a genuine loss in business.

· Tip – Compressing image files can help increase website speed.



We’ve all experienced an ‘unfriendly’ mobile website. You know them when you see them, and avoid them like the plague. They’re the ones that are difficult to navigate on your mobile device because the images are distorted, the font is either too small or too large or the porridge is either too hot or too cold. Ok, slight reference to Goldilocks there, but for good reason. A mobile friendly website is the Goldilocks of the website business in that it’s been created to reorganize layout and content to suite a mobile screen (making it just right!). A mobile friendly website is a necessity for any business since almost 60% of users are searching for content using a mobile device. A website not properly optimised for mobiles will not just affect your Google ranking, but can leave your website looking messy and unprofessional (think Goldilocks… dragged through a hedge backwards!).

· Tip – Disable Pop-ups on mobile devices to avoid them blocking your website content.



UX in website design is the new big thing right now! UX stands for ‘user experience’ and it deals with design from a ‘customer satisfaction perspective’A website that’s hard to navigate or confusing will leave the user dissatisfied resulting in a poor user experienceDesign matters not just from an aesthetic perspective but also from the viewpoint of the customer’s journey. So, your site should be optimised to the users’ needs with a clear call to action along the way. Functionality genuinely matters here, so make sure your website design is enhanced for user experience.

· Tip – Set up Google Analytics to track your customer’s journey and identify their pain points.



Is your website secure? And do you know how to tell if it is? Those simple 5 characters in the form of ‘https’ at the beginning of your website will tell your audience if your site is a secure one or notSecurity is a big deal these days and without a secure site information (both yours and your customers) can be intercepted and stolen. Security is so important the Google Gods have made it a factor when it comes to ranking your site. Without the proper security your website will be penalised. And its not just your page you need to worry about either. If you use content from unsecure sites in the form of links, images or videos, these could lead to your site becoming corrupted and unsecure. An unsecure website is a cold, dark place and your pretty shiny site has no business being there. Ever.

· Tip – Change out current links from http: to https: for better security and to increase your SERP ranking.



SEO is big in the digital world and I’m talking King Kong big! In fact, millions of people search the term on a monthly basis. Why? Well the benefits of getting your SEO right on your website are crucial when it comes to organic reach. Get your SEO right and you can attract your target audience by not paying a cent in advertising. See now why people love it!

SEO deals with keywords found in the content of your website. These keywords are then prioritised in order of a search. Use the right keywords and your content will be ranked high in a user’s search. And with the first 5 results receiving 75% user engagement, you can see why SEO is a game changer. Our Website audit will dive deep into your website to make sure you are using the right keywords in the right places (yes….keyworks position matters too!).

· Tip – Make sure your images are also named around your keywords.


So there you have it! My wrap on website audits and 5 reasons why your website might be underperforming right now.

Want to get an audit done on your website? Check out our online business audit here, and lets get busy getting you back on track.

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